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The Integrated Archival Information System (ZoSIA) facilitates archival work, particularly the inventorying and processing of archival holdings. It is used by all State Archives, as well as several dozen other institutions which store state and registered private archival materials. These institutions include such expatriate organizations as the Ignacy Domeyko Polish Library Archive (Argentina), the Archives of the Polish Catholic Mission in France, the Central Archives of Polish Expatriates in Orchard Lake, the Papal Institute of Church Studies in Rome, as well as the Polish Music Centre (US).

ZoSIA stores:

  • archival material descriptions across several levels of hierarchical structure: entire archives, holdings and collections, archival units and documents (objects),
  • descriptions of creators of archival materials,
  • indices of names, places and subjects,
  • information about changes in the holdings, including new acquisitions, losses and transfers of materials between fonds,
  • digital copies of archival materials.

The system is also used for generating finding aids (archival inventories and indices). Digital data and copies of archival materials stored in ZoSIA are regularly published on the Search the Archives website.

More information about the project can be found on the National Digital Archives website.

Implementing ZoSIA

If you would like to use ZoSIA in your institution, contact us by e-mail or traditional mail. Be sure to include a short description of your holdings, including:

  • information about your fonds (collections),
  • bookend dates of your fonds (collections),
  • specify whether your fonds are open or closed,
  • descriptions of stand-out archival materials.

Every implementation of ZoSIA must be approved by the General Director of the State Archives. Upon approval, your institution will receive a special archival registry number, and you will be referred to the National Digital Archives (NAC – a central State Archive, responsible for administering ZoSIA). The next step is to sign an agreement with NAC and schedule a training session on how to use the system. After implementing ZoSIA, NAC will provide your institution with ongoing support in using the system.

Implementing ZoSIA will also enable you to publish digital copies of archival materials and adding their descriptions to the Search the Archives system. This is a great way to share valuable historical sources in your possession with researchers, historians, genealogists, hobbyists and other people with an interest in archival materials from all over the world!


ZoSIA also comes in an education-oriented version (ZoSIA-edu), which is intended for use by universities and schools. If your institution trains future archivists and you would like to gain access to the education version, please contact us. Be sure to include a description of your courses which could make use of the system. ZoSIA-edu is implemented identically to the full version.