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Henri Zuber Archives of the French National Railways FRANCE   Henri Zuber is presently director of Archives at the SNCF (French National Railways). He was previously head of archives at the RATP (Paris transport) fro1990 to 2004 and of the service of archives at the French department of Justice. As present president of the Association of French archivists (2004-2007), he takes a particular interest in international cooperation and in the definition of a clear status for all archival professionals, whether in the public or private sector.
Andrea Wettmann Sächsisches Staatsarchiv GERMANY   Dr. Andrea Wettmann is an archivist at the state archives of Saxony and responsible for fundamental issues of records management, appraisal, and the coordination of archival processing in the field of electronic records. She has been a member of the “Electronic Systems in Justice and Administration” work group of the “Conference of Archives Consultants of the Federal Government and the Federal States” since 2003. In 2004, she participated in the renewal of the concept defining a module of the DOMEA-Concept 2.0 standardized disposal procedure, entailing a set of metadata for the disposal and archiving of electronic records
Hartmut Weber Bundesarchiv (Federal Archives) of Germany GERMANY Born 1945, studies in history and in German literature, 1974 professional training as archivist at Marburg Archives School, 1976 Hauptstaatsarchiv (state archives) at Stuttgart, 1979 Landesarchivdirektion (archives directorate) of Baden-Württemberg, 1986 head of department Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe, 1988 archives directorate of Baden-Württemberg as head of departement, since 1994 as deputy of the president, 1999 president of the Bundesarchiv (Federal Archives) of Germany; lectureship at Marburg Archive School and part time professor for preservation of archives and library material at the State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart, member of several scientific advisory boards and professional committees.
Hubert Wajs Central Archives of Historical Records POLAND   Hubert Wajs (b. 1957) studied history, completing his doctorate in 1986, with a dissertation on the economy of medieval villages. Since 1983, he has worked as an archivist at the Central Archives of Historical Records in Warsaw. In 1998 he became the head of Central Archives of Historical Records. Since 1993, he has participated in projects and working groups concerning automation, standards for archival description and electronic records. He has translated the international standard ISAD(G) and written some articles and reviews on electronic records for the journals Archeion and Polish Archivist
Jean-Pierre Teil French National Archives FRANCE Jean-Pierre Teil was first employed by the National School of Mines of Paris, in the Computing and Information Technology research centre for 15 years. In 1983 he integrated the Ministry of Culture to work for the French National Archives, in the contemporary archives centre in Fontainebleau (Centre des Archives Contemporaines). He was responsible for setting up the computing centre there in order to manage the 160 kms of shelves, and more specifically to develop and apply the programme CONSTANCE ( Conservation et Traitements des Archives Nouvelles Constituées par l'Electronique), which dealt immediately with preserving the first databases. He is now helping and advising the archivists, as well as electronic documents and files producers in the French program for the e-administration : setting up technical, archival and procedural services for preserving legal digital materials.
William Stockting National Archives UNITED KINGDOM Bill Stockting is an internationally recognised authority in archival description and data structure standards, and the development of online access to archival information. He currently manages the Access to Archive Programme (A2A: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/partnerprojects/a2a/default.htm), which is based at the National Archives (TNA) and also co-ordinates the Archives UK Programme (aUK) which is a national partnership leading the development of the national archives network. Bill currently sits on the Encoded Archival Description (EAD) Working Group, the international body that develops and maintains the standard on behalf of the Society of American Archivists and the Library of Congress. Closer to home Bill is the chair of the Society of Archivists EAD/Data Exchange Group and sits on the National Council on Archives’ (NCA) Interoperability Working Party.
Claire Sibille Direction des Archives de France FRANCE Since may 2003, Claire Sibille has been responsible for standardization of archival description at the Directorate of French Archives (DAF). In this capacity she has to control catalogs and finding aids prepared by French public archives and she is the coordinator of the Working Group for Encoded Archival Description (EAD) within the French Association of Standardization. Claire is a graduate of the École nationale des Chartes and of the Institut national du patrimoine. Before joining the staff of the Directorate of French Archives, she worked for many years at the French Army Archives and at the National Archives (Private Records Section) in Paris. Claire is also Secretary of the ICA Section on Standards and Best Practices and a member of the EAD International Working Group.
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